Camping and Motor Home power systems can be categorised into 2 main groups.

Stand alone camping systems are used when there are some power demands while camping. This could be as simple a a single light or several lights, fridge, freezer and TV. These systems comprise of a solar array (1 or more modules) charge controller and battery. Power inverters are used to convert the DC battery energy into AC 240volt power for things like TVs etc.

Alternate back up camping systems are usually a Stand alone system with some other means other then the solar array to charge the battery. This could be a generator and battery charger or a dual battery isolator which charges from the vehicles alternator while driving. 24 to 12 volt or 12 to 24 volt battery chargers are also used to charge the storage batteries from the cranking battery.

Alternate sources for supplementary power can also be connected in to increase performance on most systems. It is quiet common to mix and match the energy sources.